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Card Issuance

TOTUS Gift Card Issuance

The day you thought, “I should get gift cards for my business,” is the day you opened a Pandora’s box of regulations and compliance. Don’t worry, we’ve got the rules and regs under control. Let us take everything associated with card issuance off your plate.

  • Financial management
  • Gift card compliance
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Escheatment
  • Settlement

Major brands look to outsource gift card issuance so that they can divorce themselves of the legal and regulatory burdens associated with gift card programs, while still enjoying the benefits.

Our seasoned team of gift card industry experts has managed gift card issuance for major brands for over 20 years.  Most importantly when TOTUS issues and manages your gift card program, we become the legal and technical issuer. That means we hold the funds from the time of activation through redemption. Funds are held in a ringfenced, fully insured account, and TOTUS settles funds back to you once the card is redeemed.  We’ll make sure this settlement process is seamless for your corporate accounting team.

Designing gift cards for your brand

Our in-house design services can create your gift card (or cards), using your logo and brand colors. We offer both plastic gift cards and digital eGifts, so you can use the same design for both—or pick different looks, if you prefer.

Financial Management

As your gift card issuer – we will facilitate and manage all aspects of gift card compliance, escheatment, distribution and processing.  We will tailor our settlement solution and frequency to meet the needs of each of our clients.  We have twenty years of experience in gift card settlement and will make this process seamless for your corporate accounting team.

Program Management

Most gift card companies specialize in one section of the supply chain. TOTUS is different. We do it all, because we know you have better things to do than deal with the nitty gritty of your small business gift cards.

  • Card design
  • Card issuance
  • Card marketing
  • Vendor management
  • Distribution for both B2C and B2B
  • Fulfillment, including mailing kits
  • Inventory
  • Customer support


We’ll provide meaningful reporting that lets you figure out what’s working, and what isn’t. And we won’t just throw the data over the wall. We’ll deliver it with insights and recommendations to optimize your corporate gift card program. You’ll have easy access to:

  • Number of gift cards sold
  • Redemption data, including unused balances
  • Promotion effectiveness
  • Gift card program ROI
  • Comprehensive financial reporting