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Program Acquisition

Gift Card Program Acquisition

While gift cards are important to your business, are they core to your business?  Do you have the internal resources necessary from legal, finance, operations, marketing, regulatory and accounting committed to your brand’s program?  Do you operate and manage your brand’s private-label credit card internally?  If you answer “No” to any of these questions, selling your brand’s gift card program may be the right option for your program.

TOTUS will acquire ownership of your brand’s gift card program and will leverage our internal expertise to manage and improve all aspects of your program, while taking on the legal, regulatory and financial liabilities and responsibilities of the program.

Incentives are Aligned

Relieving your brand of gift card program ownership does not equate to giving up control.  TOTUS’ ownership program is reliant on the strong partnership with brands because our incentives are aligned.  As a brand, you are looking for program growth to drive sales.  It is important to you that customers are treated with the same level of services that your brand drives.  We are aligned.  TOTUS is not successful if your gift card program is not successful; our team of gift card experts will work closely with your brand’s marketing department to ensure that the highest standards of your brand are upheld and that we jointly grow your gift card program, leveraging your brand’s core strengths and TOTUS’ gift card expertise.

Gift Card Program Options

TOTUS provides a variety of acquisition and ownership options for brands.  Whether your brand is just launching or running a mature gift card program, the TOTUS team will collaborate with you and your team to customize a solution that focuses on your brand priorities.  Options include:

  • Day 1 ownership @ launch
  • Acquisition of existing program, ownership and liability transfer at point in time
  • Acquisition of existing program, including “back book” liabilities
  • Channel/Sub-program specific ownership transfers
  • Custom programs

Please contact TOTUS for a transparent and open dialogue about your brand’s options.